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You are leaving up to 10% of your ARR on the table if your Stripe set up is not configured correctly.

Request a meticulous audit of your Stripe set up by an expert to optimize your payment success rate and lower your fees. Stop leaving money on the table today.

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What We Do

Unlock efficiency, growth, and profitability—effortlessly.

Personalized, Expert Review

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Reduce Stripe Fees

Slash unnecessary costs with a strategic review of your Stripe fees.

Maximized Revenue Through Localization

Dive deep into multi-currency setups and localized pricing strategies to maximize your revenue potential in every locale.

Strategic Revenue Growth

Leverage expert insights to refine your pricing, plans, and settings. Make informed decisions to drive strategic growth and enhance your bottom line.

Optimizing Fraud Detection

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Maximize Your Revenue with Expert-Led Stripe Optimization

Quick Tune-Up

Ideal for businesses with $100k-1m in ARR. Get a professional sense check to ensure your Stripe setup is set up for success.


  • Basic Configuration Check
  • Compliance and Security Review
  • Basic Reporting and Dashboard Review
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Growth Accelerator

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Tailored for businesses scaling from $1m to $10m in ARR. Boost your revenue by growing revenue and reducing churn.


  • Detailed Configuration Audit
  • Advanced Compliance and Security Assessment
  • Fee Optimization
  • Revenue Recovery Strategies
  • Priority turnaround
  • Max. 1 Stripe account, 3 currencies
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All-In Audit

For enterprises advancing with $10m to $100m in ARR. This tier offers a deep dive into your Stripe setup, ensuring every aspect is fine-tuned for peak performance.


  • Includes free strategy call
  • In-depth payment analysis
  • Custom Fee Structure Negotiation
  • 1-hour, dedicated support response time
  • Multiple Stripe accounts and 3+ currencies
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Who will you work with?

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Jurn van Wissen

Monetization at VEED.IO

Responsible for self-serve revenue at VEED.IO from a bootstrapped company with low 7-figure ARR through hyper-scaling it with the backing of Sequoia Capital to mid 8-figures in ARR. I've played a pivotal role in sculpting pricing, packaging, and payment solutions that have significantly contributed to our revenue growth and customer retention.

Frequently asked questions

Why Paycheck?

Tailored for SaaS Businesses

We specialize in SaaS companies with recurring revenue models. This includes detailed analysis on subscription metrics (like MRR, ARR, churn rate) in addition to payment metrics.

Meticulous Stripe Audit

From prices and plans to settings and fees, we dive deep into your Stripe account to identify inefficiencies and opportunities. Our goal? To help you pay less in fees and make more money.

Data-Driven Insights

With our expert analysis, get actionable recommendations that are backed by data. We'll guide you through implementing changes that lead to immediate and lasting financial benefits.

Ready to Optimize Your Revenue?

Request an audit today and see the difference Paycheck can make for your SaaS business. Don't just manage your Stripe account—master it with Paycheck.